Beneficiaries People affected by the cost-of-living benefit

Households with modest incomes (which do not exceed the allocation limits set by the Government in Council regulation) are eligible for the cost-of-living benefit.


Anyone who wishes to benefit from the cost-of-living benefit must:

  • be legally resident in Luxembourg;
  • be listed on the main register of the National Registry of Natural Persons (RNPP);
  • actually live at the address where they have their place of usual residence;
  • have been living in Luxembourg continuously for 12 months before the month in which the application is submitted;
  • have a low annual income, either alone, or cumulatively with the persons belonging to their household at the time of submitting the application.

All persons belonging to the household on the date the application is filed are considered as applicants for the benefit for the current year. The applicant in whose name the application is submitted is deemed to be the main applicant.

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