General questions

Contacting the FNS

  • Email: fns@secu.lu
  • Telephone: +352 491081 - 1
  • Post: B.P. 2411, L-1024 Luxembourg

Please always make sure you have your national identification number or your case number from our correspondence.

How do I request a proof of benefits certificate from the FNS?

You can request these certificates on this page.

Has my letter arrived?

The FNS sends confirmation of receipt for any applications submitted. In theory, every document reaches the FNS. Please refrain from calling the FNS to ask if we have received your letter.

How can I change the number of the account into which a benefit is paid?

If you would like to change your bank account, you can send your request to the FNS by post, for the attention of the relevant service, by stating the name of the benefit.

A request to change bank account must be accompanied by a bank account identification document (relevé d'identité bancaire - RIB) issued by the banking institution.

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