Participants The different actors involved in the processing of a request for the allowance for the severely disabled (RPGH)

In the RPGH system, there are two actors:

     The National Solidarity Fund (FNS), responsible for managing the RPGH (requests, decisions, payments, etc.).
     The Medical Commission of the Agency for the Development of Employment (ADEM)

How the RPGH procedure works

The application form must be duly completed, dated and signed and, together with the required supporting documents, sent by email to the secretariat of the Medical Commission at:

The Medical Commission will:

  • determine the applicant's reduced work capacity; and
  • rule on the applicant's residual capacity and state of health.

To obtain the RPGH, the applicant state of health must, in principle, be medically stable. If the applicant's state of health is not sufficiently stabilised, the Medical Commission will postpone its decision.

The applicant will be informed of the Medical Commission's decision by registered letter within 2 months of submitting the complete application.

When its final decision has been established, the Medical Commission will forward it, together with the application and all supporting documents, to the National Solidarity Fund (Fonds national de solidarité – FNS).

The FNS will send the applicant a questionnaire to provide the information it requires to process the application.

The age, residency and income criteria will be checked by the FNS, which will inform the applicant of its decision, by registered letter, within one month of receiving the Medical Commission's decision.

The FNS will then inform the Medical Commission of its decision.

If the RPGH is granted, it is due to the beneficiary from the date of the application. The allowance is paid by the FNS.

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