Obtainment Practical modalities

Filing an application

The application form can be downloaded below.

In principle, the FNS must receive the complete application between 1st January and 31st October of the current year. The postmark serves as proof of the date.

Applications submitted after 31st October of the current year will be rejected.

Persons who have already received the cost-of-living benefit / energy allowance will receive a pre-filled form from the FNS at the end of the year.

Eligibility requirements for the application

In order to be considered complete, an application must be:

  • accompanied by a bank account identification document (RIB) concerning the main applicant's personal bank account;
  • filled in completely;
  • signed by all applicants of legal age, or by their legal representative.

The FNS will return incomplete applications to the applicant by registered mail.

The applicant must send the completed application to the FNS within 30 days. The postmark serves as proof of the date. If this deadline is not met, the cost-of-living benefit will be denied.

The FNS may request additional information or documents from the applicant.

Allocation of the benefit

The benefit can only be applied for once a year.

This limitation also applies if there is a change in the composition of the applicant's household or income situation.

Up to half of the benefit amount may be withheld to offset claims of the National Solidarity Fund against the beneficiaries.

In case of agreement, it is paid into the applicant's account.


The decision may be challenged before the Steering Committee of the National Solidarity Fund. The appeal must be filed within 40 days of the notification of the decision.

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