Participation in the costs of the gerontological services

The social legislation provides for the granting of a "gerontology admission" supplement to persons admitted indefinitely to:

  • an integrated centre for the elderly (centre intégré pour personnes âgées - CIPA);
  • a care home or another medico-social establishment providing day and night care;

and whose personal resources do not allow them to cover the cost of accommodation and additional expenses (personal needs).

The "gerontology admission" supplement concerns accommodation costs not covered by social security benefits. It can be combined with long-term care insurance benefits.

The supplement is covered by the National Solidarity Fund (FNS), which pays the institution monthly rather than paying the applicant. The institution must be authorised in accordance with the law and be located in Luxembourg.

The acts and services to be provided on a compulsory basis by the institution, the cost of which is included in the basic price on a flat-rate basis, are the following:

  • accommodation;
  • health and safety;
  • assistance with day-to-day activities;
  • sociocultural support;
  • the promotion of individual skills;
  • philosophical and religious assistance.

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