FAQ Frequently asked questions about the allowance for the severely disabled (RPGH)

How do I apply for the RPGH?

You must contact the Secretariat of the Medical Commission of the National Employment Agency (Agence pour le développement de l'emploi - ADEM)

Who can apply for the RPGH?

Any person residing in the Grand Duchy and declaring an incapacity for work of at least 30%.

What are the main conditions for receiving the RPGH?

  • having right of residence, being listed on the main register of the National Registry of Natural Persons (Registre national des personnes physiques - RNPP) and actually residing where the usual place of residence is established
  • having financial resources below the minimum threshold set out by law

Can I receive the RPGH if I am in prison?


Can I travel abroad if I am in receipt of the RPGH?

Yes. However, you must provide the FNS with advance notice of each trip abroad. You must not be away for more than 35 calendar days per calendar year.

How much is the RPGH?

The amount is EUR 1.803,87 (salary index 944,43), if you have no other income.

Is the RPGH attachable?


Does the RPGH have to be repaid?

Yes, if the benefit has been received in error, it must be repaid.

How long does it take for the FNS to disclose its decision to grant or reject an application?

Once the file has been completed, the FNS discloses its decision within 1 month


What can I do if I disagree with the decision?

If you disagree, you may lodge an appeal with the Social Security Arbitration Tribunal (Conseil arbitral de la sécurité sociale) within 40 days of the date on which the decision in question was disclosed.

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