Beneficiaries People affected by the allowance for the severely disabled (RPGH)

Anyone residing in Luxembourg who has a disability that prevents them from undertaking gainful employment can apply for the RPGH.

Who is concerned

To receive the severely disabled allowance, applicants must:

  • be 18 years old at the time of the application;
  • exhibit, before the age of 65, at least a 30-percent reduction in work capacity on account of:
  • a physical, mental, sensory or psychological impairment; and/or
  • psychosocial difficulties that aggravate the impairment;
  • exhibit a state of health such that:
  • any work effort is contraindicated; or
  • their working skills are so reduced that it is impossible to adapt a job to their needs, whether in an ordinary or a sheltered work environment;
  • have obtained the right to reside in Luxembourg, and be domiciled and actually reside there;
  • receive an income that is less than the RPGH.

Anyone with a recognised disability who has residual abilities allowing them to engage in a professional activity but who, for reasons beyond their control, do not have access to paid employment.

Who is concerned

To receive the disabled workers allowance, applicants must:

  • be recognised as a disabled worker;
  • have the right to reside in Luxembourg, be domiciled there and live there;
  • be unable to gain access to salaried employment for reasons beyond their control;
  • have an income that is less than the disabled workers allowance.

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