FAQ Frequently asked questions about the cost-of-living allowance

When can I submit my application?

Applications may be submitted between January and 31 October of the year in question.

Is my application complete?

To be considered complete, an application must be:

  • accompanied by a bank account identification document (relevé d'identite bancaire - RIB) for your personal account
  • filled in completely (all questions answered!)
  • signed by all applicants of legal age or by their legal representative

If you have any questions relating to applications, you can call the service on +352 491081 - 999

Can I change my account number?

Changes can still be made to your account after your application. Just send us (by post) a bank account information document (relevé d'identité bancaire - RIB) in the name of the new account holder.

My household has changed. Do I need to notify you?

The allowance is calculated based on the household at the time the application is made, so any changes after the application have no bearing on the allowance calculation; you do not need to notify us of household changes once your application has been submitted.

When will I receive payment?

The cost-of-living allowance service processes files once the deadline for applications has passed. Given the large volume of files we process each year, we are unable to give you a precise time frame.

A manager will contact the applicant if they encounter a problem. The National Solidarity Fund will always notify you of its decision once the file has been examined.

Why have I not received the full amount?

  • In accordance with the regulation, if you have a debt with the FNS, we may withhold up to half of the allowance to recover the amount overpaid.
  • The cost-of-living allowance is reduced if the limit (ceiling for (gross) income 12 months before the application) is exceeded.
    The amount exceeding this limit is deducted from the amount of the allowance (article 5 of the regulation). If the result of this calculation is positive, the reduced allowance is paid automatically to the applicant; no additional applications are needed.

If the limit is exceeded by X €/month (i.e. 12*X in total for the year), the cost-of-living allowance is reduced by 12*X € (up to the amount of 0,00€, then it is a refusal of the allowance).

How do I get the Kulturpass?

To apply for/extend your Kulturpass card, you must visit one of the 14 collection points in person, with the allowance decision from the FNS.


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