Amount The amount of the gerontology admission supplement (GERO)

Calculation of the supplement amount

The supplement paid by the FNS is calculated using the following parameters:

  • the beneficiary's personal resources;
  • the price (accommodation price charged or, where applicable, the maximum amount provided for by law);
  • the monthly amount necessary to cover personal needs. This amount, set at EUR 538.33 (at index 944.43), is deducted from the applicant's income.

The amount of the supplement is the difference between the cost of the accommodation and the applicant's income, minus the amount of EUR 538.33 (at index 944.43).

During the processing of the application, all personal resources of the applicant are considered. If the applicant has movable assets (cash, bank balances, shares, bonds, company shares etc.) of a value of more than EUR 23,610.75 (at index 944.43), the supplement is not due.

In addition to movable assets, all net annual income available to the applicant (alone or with their spouse) is taken into account. This includes:

  • pensions and annuities, as well as all other alternative income, in Luxembourg or abroad;
  • income from any professional activity;
  • allocations, benefits or help from a public or private organisation;
  • maintenance payments;
  • income from movable and immovable property.

If real estate located in Luxembourg belongs in whole or in part to the beneficiary of the supplement, it will be subject to a legal mortgage. If the buildings are unoccupied following the resident's admission to an institution, the beneficiary of the supplement is given a period of one year to obtain an income from these properties by renting or selling them. If the properties do not generate income after this period, their value is considered as personal resources.

If real estate abroad is owned in whole or in part by the beneficiary of the supplement, an immediate life annuity, the amount of which is considered income, is established.

Determining the maximum accommodation price

The price of accommodation is limited by the provisions of the law. It depends on the number of quality points awarded to the institution and the room.

The limit is set at:

  • EUR 3,200.48 (at index 944.43) for a resident occupying a single room of 30m2 or more with a private bathroom; and
  • EUR 2,884.29 (at index 944.43) for a resident sharing a room of 60m2 or more plus bathroom with another person.

This limit is reduced by EUR 42.69 (at index 944.43) for each quality point not awarded (surface area less than 30m2, no bathroom and/or toilet, etc.).

When calculating the supplement, the FNS takes into account either the amount invoiced by the institution or the maximum amount set by law, if the price invoiced is higher than the maximum amount.


For couples in a marriage or registered partnership (PACS) where only one member is accommodated in an institution, the household's total income is taken into account . When calculating the supplement, the FNS deducts an amount of EUR 2,397.14 (at index 944.43) from the total income for the spouse/partner who continues to live in the marital home. This amount is increased by EUR 1,152.07 (at index 944.43) per month and per dependent child. In addition, the rent to be paid or the mortgage to be repaid for the home occupied by the spouse is deducted from the couple's total income up to a maximum monthly amount of EUR 944.43 (at index 944.43), where applicable.

If both spouses are admitted to a care institution, the FNS assesses the personal resources of each spouse using an amount equal to 50 % of the total household income.

If the couple has movable assets (cash, bank balances, shares, bonds, company shares etc.) of a value in excess of EUR 47,221.50 (at index 944.43), the supplement is not due.

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