Obtainment The practical modalities of the gerontology admission supplement (GERO)

Filing an application

Application forms can be downloaded below or picked up from the various institutions.

The "gerontology admission" application is composed of 2 parts:

  • a first part containing information on the room occupied and on the applicant;
  • a form for the spouse who continues to live in the marital home.
    A copy should be added to the first part of the dossier, where applicable.

Both parts must be filled in, signed and sent by post to the FNS.


Demand for repayment of the supplement

The repayment of the supplement paid by the FNS is requested from beneficiaries of the supplement who have become wealthier through a property sale, an inheritance, etc.

The beneficiary's donee is obliged to return the supplement paid by the FNS up to the value of the donation, if the donation was made within 10 years prior to the application or after the age of 50 of the donor receiving the supplement. The FNS will regularly send a statement of benefits paid with a claim for repayment to the donee.

A repayment of the supplement is also requested from the beneficiary's heirs. However, the FNS cannot request repayment of a first bracket of the estate, set at EUR 280,939.59 (at index 944.43), from the surviving spouse or direct descendants.

If the surviving spouse or a direct descendant continues to live in the property that belonged to the beneficiary of the supplement, the FNS cannot claim repayment on this property as long as this situation continues.


The person concerned has a right of appeal against decisions taken by the National Solidarity Fund before the Social Security Arbitration Tribunal and the High Council of Social Security (Conseil arbitral et Conseil supérieur de la Sécurité sociale). The appeal must be lodged within 40 days of the notification of the decision.

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