FAQ Frequently asked questions about the participation in the costs of the gerontological services (GERO)

Who can receive the supplement?

Anybody living in an integrated centre for the elderly (centre intégré pour personnes âgées - CIPA, supported housing) or care home in Luxembourg, whose financial resources are not sufficient to cover the cost of accommodation.

When can applications be submitted?

An application may be submitted upon admission to the establishment; the 1stpage is to be completed by the establishment.

Who can sign the application form?

The only people entitled to sign the form are the applicant, their partner/spouse or legal representative (guardian, trustee, legal administrator)

What are the financial conditions?

  • Less than EUR 538.33 (salary index 944.43) of your income remains after paying the net cost of accommodation (= accommodation without extras such as laundry, TV subscription, etc.) and your assets (account balances, shares, bonds, etc.) must be less than EUR 23,610.75 (salary index 944.43).

The partner/spouse wants to continue living at home

In this instance, they can keep EUR 2,397.14 (salary index 944.43) of the couple's income.

If they have to pay rent or repay a mortgage on a property, the total supplement increases by the amount of rent to be paid, up to a maximum of EUR 944.43 (salary index 944.43)/month.

Are the costs covered for all room types in all establishments in Luxembourg?

No, there is a maximum amount, depending on the size and standard etc. of the room. This ceiling is EUR 3,200.48 (salary index 944.43) for a single room of at least 30 m2 with WC and shower, and EUR 2,884.29 (salary index 944.43) for a double room.

If the cost exceeds this ceiling, the FNS pays a supplement based on the maximum amount..

Is the supplement paid if the applicant owns an unoccupied property?

Yes, if the property is in Luxembourg and a mortgage has been taken out but payment of the supplement is limited to 1 year. During this period, the property must be sold or rented out and the money received used to pay for the cost of accommodation.

If the property is located abroad, a life annuity is determined based on the value of the property and taken into account when calculating the supplement.

Does the supplement have to be repaid by heirs?

Yes, but where a partner, children or parents inherit, the FNS does not require repayment for an initial amount of EUR 280,939.59 (salary index 944.43).

Does the supplement have to be repaid by the applicant?

Yes, if their financial situation improves, e.g. the sale of a property or an inheritance, etc.

What are the rules for donations?

If the applicant makes a donation after turning 50 years old or within 10 years of applying for the supplement, the recipients of the donation must duly repay the supplement to the FNS, up to the amount received at the time of the donation.

Why is the supplement not yet in my account?

The supplement is paid to the establishment, which deducts the amount paid by the FNS from the invoice.


Can non-Luxembourg nationals receive the supplement?

Yes, if they have income in Luxembourg and/or right of permanent residence from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Ministère des Affaires étrangères).

Can people who have not lived in Luxembourg before going into an establishment in Luxembourg receive the supplement?

Yes, if they have income in Luxembourg.

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